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Blue State Republicans

Saving America from socialism, one state at a time.

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ssidhu82 - New Jersey

matts720 - New Jersey
neemarita - California
angelofdawn - Delaware

Staff Members/State Representatives: (Helps to run the community, and to coordinate state efforts)
rush2112 - New Jersey
angelofdawn - Delaware
neemarita - California
ciardasully - Maine
godsmackgirl - Massachusetts
indalay - Michigan
summers_kiss722 - Connecticut
samibee924 - New York
ampr4life - Washington
mbarrow - Oregon
ruddawg - Wisconsin
OPEN - Pennsylvania
mellylu - New Hampshire
sexiloser - Maryland

(Thanks ampr4life for the community icon!)

This community is primarily intended for those of us poor souls who have to live in blue states in America, and are Republicans. Unfortunately for us, we do not have the benefit of living under competent legislatures and leadership like our red state bretheren do. Therefore, the goal of this community is to get blue state Republicans together, so that we may help each other out in promoting our party's policies and candidates in each other's states. This community also exists to call out our blue states' Democratic leadership's blunders, as we know there are plenty of them.

Red staters are free to join as well, as we can use all the help we can get. What's our final goal? To eliminate all blue states, so this community becomes useless! Also, no liberals allowed- you will immediately be banned if you post as a liberal in this community. We don't hate you, but you simply do not fit the criteria for our community, as this is NOT a debate community. So don't bother applying, lefties. Thanks.