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Clintonian Hackery [Apr. 15th, 2007|07:35 pm]
Blue State Republicans


The bitter and ugly truth about Hillary Clinton's stance on Iraq is summed up quite well by what happened yesterday:

A woman who had traveled from New York asked Sen. Clinton if she had read the report given to her in 2002 on intelligence and the Iraq war.

Clinton said she had been briefed on the report, and the woman screamed back, "Did you read it?!" Notably uncomfortable, the Senator repeated that she had been briefed. This exchange went back and forth about three times.

The woman sat down and Clinton explained, "If I had known then what I know now, I never would have voted to give this President the authority."
The above passage shows how pathetic Clintonian Democratic politics really is. Hillary Clinton's cop-out for voting for use of force against Iraq in 2002 was that she was "briefed" on the intelligence report. One would think that a politician who truly cared about the significance of their vote - especially on a issue of war and peace - would have actually READ the intelligence report that was given to her. Instead, Hillary Clinton's excuse is that she was "briefed" on it. At best, Hillary Clinton is admitting that she was an incompetent legislature, one whose gross negligence directly contributed to the war in Iraq.

Her second cop-out, that "had she known then what she knows now", is a bunch of horsecrap as well. Had Hillary Clinton actually read the intelligence report that was given to her, she very well would have had the opportunity to "know what she knows now." At the very least, if she was the prophetic genius that she thinks she is, she would have been able to use her glorious Senatorial powers to demand more intelligence where she thought it was lacking. Instead, she was "briefed" on the intelligence report, and then went ahead and recklessly voted for a war she turned around and later opposed.

Hillary Clinton is a political hack, and the above passage proves it. Political hacks like her prefer to be "briefed" on things instead of actually reading them, because it gives them political cover. This is what these clowns do time and time again whenever they get questioned for passing a stupid piece of legislation, or for voting for something that later proved to be a bad choice. If they actually READ the things they were voting for, or actually READ the background to the things they were voting for, they would no longer have the typical politician's excuse of "oh, well I was briefed on it, so it must be my aide's fault."

But that's not it; things get even worse. Being the political hack that she is, Hillary Clinton went on to make another ridiculous comment at today's gathering, once again in response to the question about her 2002 use of force against Iraq resolution vote:
Clinton also said she believed she was giving the President the authority to send U.N. inspectors to Iraq.
Interesting, that, given what Hillary Clinton had to say back in October 2002 on the Senate floor about that very resolution:

Today we are asked whether to give the President of the United States authority to use force in Iraq should diplomatic efforts fail to dismantle Saddam Hussein’s chemical and biological weapons and his nuclear program.
UN inspectors indeed, you Clintonian hack! This woman makes John Kerry sound consistent and honest. In any case, this just furthers my point that Hillary Clinton defines everything that is wrong with American politics today.

To the Democratic primary voters out there, for the love of God, save this country a lot of misery and vote for Barack Obama. And to the Republicans and Independents out there, you are this country's last hope if this witch makes it past the Democratic primary. Pick a good candidate in your primaries, Republicans, because it may be the only thing that will save this country from what could be 28 straight years of Bushes and Clintons.