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Rangel Wants to Bring Back Draft [Nov. 19th, 2006|03:39 pm]
Blue State Republicans
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Yes, that's right. A Democrat wants to reinstate the draft.

Charles Rangel (D-NY) sponsored a bill back in 2003 for a draft. It was defeated by a resounding 402-2. It went nowhere in the Republican congress.

Considering this Dem wants to bring back the draft, how will the anti-war Left react?

How will the constituents who voted for these guys react? Angrily I hope... *evil grin*
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Pep Talk [Nov. 9th, 2006|06:58 pm]
Blue State Republicans
To those of you who are not pleased with the election's results, I believe a pep talk is in order. We took our licks. We got pounded. But we're not out of this. Not by a long shot.

Many out there have been beaten before. But they came back and won. To draw an analogy...remember "Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan"? Admiral James T. Kirk was caught completely off-guard and the Enterprise was thoroughly thrashed by a vengeful Khan. But did Kirk give up? No, he came back and beat Khan when realizing Spock's words on Khan rang true:

He is intelligent, but not experienced. His pattern indicates 2 dimensional thinking.

And the same can be said of Howard Dean. Election Day of 2006 was less than stellar. But that doesn't mean failure. We've got to really get it in gear for the 2008 elections.

The first step will be for the Republicans to return to the factors that won them Congress in 1994.

The second step will be the Democrats' doing something stupid...which is pretty much a given.

But the third step is all up to us. We have to do our part in the next elections. Get out there and volunteer for the Republican cause! I don't think there'll be any national races in 2007, but probably state and local ones. If there's a race in your community or state, support the Republican candidate! Volunteer by handing out flyers, putting up posters, participating in Get-Out-the-Vote, etc. But the big one will be in 2008 for Congress and the presidency. Most of the House seats were won by razor-thin margins of 5,000 or less votes. There's plenty we can do between now and then to tip the balance back in our favor. So get out there and do what you can for the Republican candidate in 2008. Again volunteer by handing out flyers, putting up posters, participating in Get-Out-the-Vote, etc.

Let's make Howard Dean scream really loud. We got work to do.
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8 Reasons to Get Out and Vote [Oct. 25th, 2006|06:37 pm]
Blue State Republicans

Eight reasons conservatives must vote on November 7th
Why People of Conscience Can’t Afford to Facilitate a Leftist Victory
By Michael Medved
Wednesday, October 25, 2006

For months, we’ve been hearing about the sour mood of U.S, conservatives, with left-leaning activists and liberal commentators savoring (and promoting) the possibility that many of their opponents on the right will express their frustration by abandoning the GOP on November 7th. As Election Day approaches, however, the evidence accumulatesthat dissatisfied and restless Republicans have begun to come home, recoiling at the very real prospect of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House and second in line to the Presidency. Nevertheless, those of us who travel in conservative circles can still hear some grumbling and gnashing of teeth, accompanied by tired (and tiresome) arguments on behalf of desertion from the field of political battle.

By now, we all know the lines: the Washington Republicans have become indistinguishable from Democrats (they’re all “Republicrats” and “Demicans”--- yuck, yuck, yuck!); they need to be punished for overspending and failing to halt abortion, immigration, deficits and stem cell research; the GOP deserves blame for waging a cowardly, politically correct, inconclusive war in Iraq; Bush and his buddies are deliberately undermining our national sovereignty because they are secretly controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations, Skull and Bones, the Bohemian Grove, the Illuminati and other avatars of the New World Order; and the only way to get Republicans to develop backbone is to hurt them at the polls, sweeping away the current crop of panty-waists and globalists and replacing them with ideologically committed he-men who can reconnect with the American mainstream and then, in some future confrontation, win decisive victories against the newly energized Democrats.

Whatever the merits in these claims, most Americans who place themselves to the right of the Kerry-Pelosi-Howard Dean-George Soros Democrats are coming to realize that we can’t afford two years (or more) of leftist lunacy in Congress for the sake of some future (and far from certain) return to power. The current situation presents solid, undeniable reasons that this election amounts to a Very Big Deal and all conservatives of conscience must make a point of voting on November 7th.

Herewith, eight concrete reminders of why your participation counts:

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The considerations listed above deserve attention for anyone still grousing about the many shortcomings of Denny Hastert and Bill Frist and George W. Bush. It’s easy to see that our guys aren’t perfect – but this election isn’t about suitability for Rushmore. It’s about maintaining some chance for conservative ideas and policies to prevail at a time of danger and challenge to the nation. Anyone who believes that liberal approaches would work better will no doubt vote Democratic, and that’s appropriate. But for those of us who understand the importance of conservative thinking, and who would like to see that thinking more effectively applied in the next two years, there’s no excuse for advocating unilateral disarmament and surrender, handing power to some of the worst elements on the political scene.

Those who advocate non-participation in this crucial election don’t just call for conservative punishment and defeat. Whether they like it or not, they pave the way for leftist victory. Frankly, America deserves better.

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(no subject) [Oct. 25th, 2006|01:02 pm]
Blue State Republicans

I know we're all Republicans here, but please, everyone, take a moment today to remember Senator Paul Wellstone. He was a true patriot and a dear friend to people on both sides of the aisle. He was even friends with Jesse Helms, and boy are THOSE two ideological opposites!

R.I.P. Senator Wellstone (1944-2002)

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(no subject) [Sep. 20th, 2006|08:01 pm]
Blue State Republicans

Hello, everyone.

I'm sending a kind of blanket message to everyone, so if you already know my spiel, bear with me.

In early October, a certain individual is going up for parole in New York. This individual happens to be the man who murdered John Lennon in cold blood nearly 26 years ago. If you want to know what happened in graphic detail, google one of those December 8th timelines and then google a picture of a hollow-point bullet. Get my drift?

The point is, MDC's going up for parole and it's important that we make sure he's denied it, in the name of justice.

Please take a few minutes out of your busy day and send a letter to:

NYS Board of Parole
97 Central Avenue
Albany, New York 12206

Please make sure they're sent in early, as letters must be received ten days before the parole hearing.

Thank you very much for your time and please pass this on to anyone you know who may also wish to write in a letter.


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American Legion Convention in SLC, Utah (X-Posted) [Sep. 3rd, 2006|02:23 pm]
Blue State Republicans

I just got back from Salt Lake City.
Participated in the American Legion Parade with our Flag car which we drove all the way to SLC & back, a 2250 mile round trip, from my home in oregon.
I got to watch Condeleeza Rice & President Bush speak at the American Legion National Convention. Also listened to Senator Orin Hatch speak. Missed Donald Rumsfeld since women were in meetings at the time.

I took a tour of Temple Square. It was beautiful. I took lots of pictures. They even had a "Healing Field" of flags set up inside of the square in honor of our troops.

Participated in a Troop Support/Bush Rally. That was pretty cool.

The mayor of SLC "Rocky Anderson" is a complete ass. *NOTE Utah is the reddeset of the red states, it is the most conservative state in the nation*

He organized an Anti-War Rally. He invited Cindy Sheehan to speak, but her doctor ordered her not to travel after her hysterectomy.
However, she was again the spotlight when she helped escort a AWOL soldier who ran off because he felt the war was un-just, as he turned himself in.

It was crazy in SLC. There was the Anti-War Rally, a Bush Support Rally, a Troop Support Rally, an Immigration rally, and a "Death to Israel Rally" none of which you heard about on national news.

I must say I am glad to be home.
I have tons of pictures to upload some which I hope to post & share soon.
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The things we believe. [Aug. 7th, 2006|06:12 am]
Blue State Republicans


Winston Churchill once said something along the lines of: 'A lie can be halfway around the world, before the truth has the chance to get it's pants on'.
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For all of you NJ folks, I give you this: [Jul. 7th, 2006|12:16 am]
Blue State Republicans

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New Jersey: HOSED, but the hosing doesn't stop here. [Jul. 6th, 2006|07:03 pm]
Blue State Republicans

It looks like the Democratic Party of this state has finally reached an agreement on how it will screw the citizenry. It took longer than expected for these liberal Democrats to figure out how best to rape New Jersey's residents, but never fear, the rape has been planned in time for the weekend.

Liberal Democrat Governor Jon Corzine- who, by the way, said that he was NOT considering raising taxes last year- has gotten his wish, with the Democratic legislature agreeing with him that a $1.1 billion sales tax increase should take place. They apparently "compromised" by saying that half the sales tax will go towards property taxes. Apparently, they think that this makes it all OK.

Leave it to a liberal Democrat to somehow justify a tax increase by saying that it will lower taxes. These people need calculators.

In any case, New Jersey's been hosed again, but I don't think this is the end of it. I've been very good at predicting the behavior of the New Jersey Democratic Party, and I think maybe it has to do with the fact that I used to be a member of this cesspool of an organization. In any case, I fully expected Corzine to get his way, and now I'm going to make another prediction:

The raping of New Jersey is FAR from over. You see, raising the sales tax to 7% creates an interesting conundrum for this state's tax-and-spend liberals- it creates competition from elsewhere, which will deprive this state of sales tax revenue because of smarter residents shopping out-of-state and via the Internet.

New Jersey Democrats WANT the residents of this state to pay more in taxes by taxing them on their purchases. Unfortunately for them, however, New Jersey is bordered by Delaware- a state that has no sales tax- 0%. So what are fiscally responsible citizens going to do? They're going to cross the bridge into Delaware to buy things, especially when they're big, expensive things like computers. Why pay a sales tax when you don't have to? Thus, New Jersey will make less from the sales tax increase than they're expecting. New Jersey's Democrats will thus have to do something about their greatest threat: Delaware, a state that is run by Democrats who actually aren't far left taxation nazis.

Realizing this, I fully expect the New Jersey Democrat Party, being the corrupt liberal establishment that they are, to come up with a taxation scheme to mitigate the lost revenues that Delaware will take from them. They will see that the revenues from their latest sales tax increase won't match their projections, and they will discover that it is due to lost sales to Delaware (and to a lesser extent, Pennsylvania). So what will they do? Why, find a way to tax it, of course!

Prediction Number One: The Democratic Party of New Jersey will create a taxation scheme to enforce a "use tax" on all purchases, and will strongly penalize any New Jersey resident who purchases something from Delaware and does not pay New Jersey the "use tax" for it. It will basically be a liberal-led attempt to apply a sales tax out-of-state purchases, dodging the legal restrictions because it will be a called a "use tax." I believe one is already on the books, but it is hard to enforce. They will crack down and begin to enforce it, because liberals love big government- and you can't possibly starve the beast that is New Jersey government.

But it doesn't end there. You see, the tax-and-spend Democrats will be even more starved for revenue, once they decide to expand the budget beyond the incredible level of $31 billion that it is this year (by the way, a mere 6 years ago, before the Democrat Party took control of the Governorship and the Legislature, the budget was $19 billion). Anyway, the Democrats will study the sales tax further, and they will see that they are also losing revenue because of the Internet, since sales taxes are often not collected on Internet purchases.

Prediction Number Two: The Democratic Party of New Jersey will find a way to tax all Internet purchases, either by directly implementing a sales tax, or applying a "use tax" on Internet orders just as they will do to out-of-state purchases.

This will effectively rob New Jersey residents of the final way to avoid the Democratic sales tax increase. Essentially, between these two predictions, the sales tax will not only be increased, but it will also be extended to mitigate the effects of out-of-state purchases and the Internet. Now, I have no doubt that New Jersey Democrats will treat the residency like idiots (it has worked for them so far) and will say that these 2 things will never happen, but remember, we're dealing with New Jersey Democrats. This is the party of the same Governor who said he was NOT considering raising taxes last year, but then promptly turned around and immediately did it once taking power.

So get ready to bend over, NJ residents. This one is far from over. But, this state's populace, being the morons that they are, will probably vote the same Democrats into office a year from now, and we'll continue this annual tradition of being shafted.
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Corzine lied, New Jersey died. [Jul. 5th, 2006|06:33 pm]
Blue State Republicans

Screw "Bush lied people died." It is now "Corzine lied, New Jersey died."

Why? I'll just let Corzine speak for himself:

Via NJ.com
The sales tax [increase] not only puts Corzine at odds with lawmakers but also with statements he made in 2000, when he blasted Gov. Jim Florio for increasing the same levy. Florio hiked it in 1990, and Corzine criticized him for doing so when the two competed against each other in the 2000 Democratic primary for a U.S. Senate seat, which Corzine won.

According to newspaper accounts, in a May 2000 debate with Florio, Corzine described the sales tax as "the most regressive of taxes, the one that falls on the people least able to pay for it."

"If we were forced into a tax increase, as the governor said we were, we should have looked for other taxes to accomplish what was needed," Corzine said in the New Jersey Jewish News.

Ok, so the New Jersey "Progressive" Democrats will probably try to defend their liar of a Governor by saying "WELL, THAT WAS SIX YEARS AGO...BEFORE BUSH!!!! IT'S BUSH'S FAULT!!" (I don't know how one reaches such a conclusion, but I'm sure a progressive can somehow find a way to reach it.)

Well, in that case, let's fast forward to 2005, when Corzine was campaigning for Governor:

Mr. Corzine won the Trenton statehouse last year by running as a tax cutter who'd raise property tax rebates by 40% over four years. "I'm not considering raising taxes. It's not on my agenda. We have a very high-rate tax structure. I'm not considering it," the then-U.S. Senator had vowed in October.

I used to think John Kerry was a flip flopper. Then I found out about Jon Corzine.
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