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I am SO sick of Michigan now. [Dec. 4th, 2006|12:09 pm]
Blue State Republicans


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LOOK what this blue state has sunk to.



This is one of the worst things I have heard, this entire year. I haven't heard legislation this bad, since I found out about the existence of SAN FRANSICKO. This is the price Michigan men will pay for voting in a stupid Canadian that's a socialist liberal democrat on top of everything else. The hatred and anger within me have reached critical mass, and if I were even to come within 10 miles of the Fermi 2 reactor in Monroe County, hundreds of thousands of people would die from the resulting chain reaction.

I try not to bring personal emotion into arguments; that's for liberals, and that's why the majority of them are losers who deserve every misfortune they legislate against themselves with their stupid laws. However I can't hold it back, this time. I HATE those responsible for this: Republican and dumbasscrat, alike. I would like to have them abducted, beaten and paradropped into Tehran to face life imprisonment or death. This is an unconscionable infringement and absolute REVOCATION of the rights of men throughout the state, and it was never even made public, which is another thing that riles me. Had this gone to vote along with other issues like "affirmative" action and absolutely STUPID issues like dove hunting, it's instant death would've been EPIC, and probably cost careers.

I am so mad, right now, I can barely spell my own name.

They passed this shit under the radar, and they should be made to pay for it, dearly. I WILL find out who voted for this, and I will make their names public. I wouldn't vote any of those assholes to be town DOG CATCHER.

[User Picture]From: ssidhu82
2006-12-04 06:08 pm (UTC)
This is why I'm glad Florida got sent to the BCS title game instead of Michigan.

And I went to Florida State.

Between this latest ridiculous policy in Michigan and how they're trying to shoot down the anti-affirmative measure that passed last month, I'm growing to despise that state. It is like the New Jersey of the midwest.

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[User Picture]From: virus_x
2006-12-04 06:12 pm (UTC)
I'm starting to hate Michigan SO much, now. Engler was DEAD on when he said that Granholm didn't know what FUCK she was doing. I'm SOOOO leaning even more heavily toward a move to the Left Coast of California, now, I can't even BEGIN to describe it to you.

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